Monday, December 28, 2009

Green Printing – The Popular One

Author: Daniel Hirsch

Now-a-days the printing press has been gaining grounds and the printing industries is deriving huge amount of profits. The extensive use of the printing industry has polluted the environment and hence the environmentalists move heaven and earth to encourage the people in using the eco-friendly substances for printing. The surroundings have to be kept clean and green so that the environment is not polluted. Pollution is the main cause of worry for the people across the world as it might even cause to the extinction of life from the only life enabled planet, earth. The use of the eco-friendly chemicals does not pollute the environment and thus they add value to the printing industry as the press does not pollute the environment.

There are many types of harmful chemicals used in printing like chlorine. The pollutants used in the printing industry add to the universal problem of global warming. So the environmentalists urge for the use of green printing. There are many new techniques used to obtain a very high quality printing. One such example is the offset printing. Offset printing can be called as the most commercial printing method and hence most of the printers use this technique. In the offset printing the mixture of ink and water is not used but they are kept separate. The area where the image occurs is adhered by ink and the area where there is no image contains water. The offset printing Sydney is used most often in the printing industry.

The harmful chemicals are extensively used in the printing industry but in lieu of such chemicals the eco friendly printing should be encouraged so that there is no loss to the earth’s surface. The ozone layer has already been made permeable and any farther affect might turn very dangerous for the life on earth. So, it is best if you can go for environment friendly printing and save the earth.

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