Friday, March 26, 2010

Eco Friendly Printing Company: Cashing On Green Technology

Author: Daniel Hirsch
The advent of technology has evolved the face of printing industry. Printing techniques, post printing procedures, costs and inks have changed and transformed for good to Eco friendly printing. Innovation has paved the way of new dimensions for recycled paper printing.
Traditional printing groups use petroleum inks which create harmful destructive volatile organic wastes which could result in cancer or asthma attacks in long run. They use fossil oil for machines. In a shocking revelation printing industry ranked 4th in the list of major pollutants on the basis of waste produced, renewable sources of energy used and quantity of used power. Traditional printing produces hazardous and non hazardous toxic material during entire process like waste paper, lubricating fluids, chemicals, inks, and solvent, dirty rag, filters, absorbents, process waste water, printing plates and empty product containers.
Eco friendly printing companies are substituting petroleum inks with soy or vegetable inks and recycled papers are taking place of pure papers. The concerns of greenhouse gases, upping pollution levels and exposure to toxic materials or carcinogens are making print houses to switch to go green and print green.
Most of printing houses and publishing companies have turned to recycled paper printing. Printing company Australia has been known as the pioneer of adopting waste minimization methodologies in printing. Contrary to what is believed, green printing methods cost lesser than traditional. Eco friendly printing company saves on operating and waste disposal costs.
Along with this it reduces their long-term liability towards environment and helps to preserve or sustain environmental quality. You provide your employees safe and healthy work place and create positive public appearance for your brand. Recycled papers come in various colors to choose from. It is trouble free and does not mean lower quality. You can also reduce your offset costs.
Environment friendly printing use hundred percent post-consumer waste processed chlorine free uncoated, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, made by renewable energy sources like wind or solar power, soy ink or vegetables ink. It utilizes waterless system which rules out the need of dampening systems used in conventional printing. Even the binders, adhesives and foil stamps used are environment friendly.
Nowadays green methods are highly recommended by social activists and corporate houses. They prefer to go with printers who rely on and follow eco friendly techniques.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Green Revolution of Printing Industry

Author: Daniel Hirsch

The latest joiner of green marathon is Printing Industry. Forest Stewardship Certified paper and chemical free processed paper has revolutionized the printing scene which else ways was flooded with hazardous and toxic elements such as petrochemical solvents, shellacs and driers deployed in producing film, printing plates and cleaning press plates. These dangerous toxic stuffs were not only dangerous for nature or environment but also caused chronic health ailments of kidney and liver among press operators.

The printing resources are renewable and come from environment friendly energy sources like wind and air. The new and green Soy inks which are considered superior in terms of quality and printing standards are derived from soy bean oil. Papers with Soy ink are easier to recycle and de –ink producing a better re-produced paper. Post print, soy inks appears cleaner and whiter. Soy colors are lively and attractive than traditional inks. Also, these don’t wipe off easily. Soy ink is stable despite of its requirement of high boiling temperature which helps to maintain the same printing throughout the process.

With green soy ink prints, color consistency and darkness can be maintained in less ink utilization. The other vegetable inks such as sunflower and lint seed are in demand as well for green printing.

Eco friendly printing has come off the age of being costly and time consuming. To become an active eco -partner and cater to the growing demand, printing industry has adopted technology that made green printing more sustainable, faster and affordable even at smaller level. As opposed to the prevalent belief, green printing is of superior quality and offer palette of colors. The post used recycled paper and materials have become desired alternatives of petrochemical wastes. The recycled paper printing is done with non processed and non bleached paper. Without any chlorine elements, the post printing processing with water is free of any toxic dissolvent.

Green printing helps printers and consumers to save costs on paper, ink and toner. This smart printing can be reused, recycled and renewed again and again. You save energy, cut costs and contribute effort to save the environment by producing less carbon prints.

Article Source :- The Green Revolution of Printing Industry